Collection: Create your shallots

Give us your 10 best quotes. Our artists will select 5 quotes to create illustrations to express your quotes, and designers will transform them into quillustrations. Once the shallot is ready, we will get them printed and ship a copy of your shallot to you. You can buy additional copies of your shallots at a discounted price. All your quillustrations will be available in our store, and you can earn royalty from the sale of your quillustrations and shallots. 

You have the choice of three sizes:

  • Square 8 inches 

  • Square 10 inches

  • Square 12 inches

* One shallot contains five quillustrations.

* Art is about the artist, and we respect the creative freedom of the creative community. The whole process of creation of shallots is closely monitored by the art director, and necessary quality checks are installed at every stage. Despite our best efforts, if you do not like the final product, we guarantee a 100% refund at the design stage. 

* Delivery: Within 45 days from the date of receipt of payment, quotes, and signing of the royalty agreement & NDA. 

Please write to us at hello@quantraz for clarification. 


Create your shallots

Artfully created and skilfully designed.

Ready to use posters to activate your thoughts and increase the kinetic energy of your ideas.