Why Qunano?

Every management book is intended to bring some change. Traditionally, the author has done their job by writing the book, but on the battlefield, is the book bringing change? In this fast and furious world, we grab the next piece of information before we chew the first bite. "Nano-publishing" is an initiative to help engrave critical messages in the thought process of readers so that it gets synchronized with our daily actions to produce the intended results. 

Success of a book

The real success of the book is declared ten years after its release. In these ten years, readers might have bought a lot of books and read quite a few, but only selective ones will make a difference in the readers' life. The differentiating factor is how much readers absorb and integrate the book with their daily actions.

Qunano | Adaptions

While the base product of Nano-publishing is digital Quillustrations, however, they are further adapted into various physical and digital products. For example, Wall, Desk, and magnetic display systems, digital streaming, greeting cards, reflection notebooks, and the Qudo 4X energy system, to name a few. These nano-publishing products help sink in the key message of the book.

The big picture

All Nano-publishing projects are aligned with our Change Anesthesiology model, whose sole purpose is to expand perspectives and reduce the change stiffness in the organization. These products are offered to our corporate customers and change management consultants around the world as change anesthesiology tools to help them reduce change resistance before they heavily invest in their next change initiative. Nano publishing products are sold as physical products, licenses, and on rent for digital streaming.