Mind alignment

We are living in a world that is evolving every moment. Are we aligned with the world?

Realign your change sweetspot

The world of social media

We are not short of information in the world of social media; instead, we are overwhelmed with the clutter. However, more than the information, it is crucial to learn from self-reflections to stay relevant. During these moments of self-reflection, we develop the most accurate meaning of the information relevant to our unique equation to create optimum results.



Capture what is important

Qustream drips the most relevant information in our thoughts that is required for crafting your values and company culture and creates an opportunity around that information for deep thinking and self-reflection.

Chose from our two best options

Global Qustream channel: The stream is renewed weekly with fresh thoughts and inspiring messages.

Freedom Package - Create your channel: Choose from the resource library of 1000+ designer messages in still and video formats or ask us to design specific messages for you. Qustream control is in your hands. You can add or change any message at any time. Not everyone nor two situations are always identical. You can even create multiple streams for a different set of people at a different locations, even in different languages.